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November 20 2019          

Return/Cancellation Policy

Return Policy
All sales are final is not responsible for delays or schedule changes by carriers. Rescheduling Within 24 hours before departure, a ticket time and date may be changed, subject to carrier availability. Traveler's names, carriers, origins, and destinations may not be changed. If the price has increased since the time of purchase to the time of changing the ticket, the balance will be due. Rescheduling can be performed by logging on using your personal credentials into the "Account" section of, selecting the order, and clicking modify, you may also call or visit any of our locations to reschedule your ticket.
There is a US $1.00 charge for rescheduling a ticket.
Both the Client and ourselves have the right to terminate any Services Agreement for any reason, including the ending of services that are already underway. No refunds shall be offered, where a Service is deemed to have begun and is, for all intents and purposes, underway purchasing tickets implies the service has begun.
Cancellation Policy
Minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation required. Notification for instance, in person, via email, phone, or other means will be acepted or any other means will be accepted subject to confirmation in writing. We reserve the right to levy a $30.00 charge to cover any subsequent administrative expenses. If cancelled within the 48 hours required ther will be no refunds, you purchased ticket will be credited and may use that credit for any destnation in the future up to 1 year from the original departure date.
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